Public Safety Advisers


Strategic Advisory Services  for Public Safety Innovators.

Areas of Practice


Public Safety Management Studies

We provide actionable management studies that are focused on helping your organization resolve the complex issues facing all progressive public safety organizations.  We understand the real world issues facing the field and provide realistic options for resolution.



Crisis communications strategies

How public safety organizations communicate with the public they serve is of critical importance.  Our consultants have years of experience in how to address routine social media needs and expectations.  Equally, and perhaps more important is how you communicate with your community when dealing with an emergency that impacts public safety.  You only get one chance to do it right-we can assure that occurs. 


Community Engagement

There has never been a more critical need for Community Engagement strategies than in today's world of policing.  It takes many forms and we can help you sort through options created explicitly for you based on your community and unique circumstances. 



Independent Police Monitoring

The Aden Group is one of the leaders in the area of Independent Police Monitoring. Our consultants work, or have worked, on virtually every police related consent decree in the country (New Orleans, Seattle, Cleveland, Baltimore, Oakland).  We can help your community act on independent reform needs (without court intervention)by providing a detailed assessment, areas of focus and a plan to address each area.  We can serve as "the Monitor" for your community. 

Policy and Strategic Planning

We are leaders in the innovative practice of involving community in policy development and strategic planning.  We have designed and implemented facilitated sessions aimed at creating policies, including De-escalation and Use of Force policies, that give the community a voice and a meaningful role in how they are policed.  Strategic Planning sessions are equally as powerful in sharing the creation of your community's Public Safety Plan.


Critical incident reviews

Every community faces incidents that require independent review of the circumstances and that examine areas of strength and, equally, areas where opportunities exist to improve services, policy, training, etc..  We work with all of the stakeholders and provide a comprehensive accounting of what occurred and mitigation options.